When to Expect Extra Moving Charges

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moving expenses, extra charges, additional cost, moving out, moving tipsDo you afraid that your relocation may cost a fortune? Then learn which are the most popular hidden cost and don’t let fly-by-night movers rip you off. Here you’ll discover what you might be charged extra.

1. Non-standard items

You may think that you don’t have anything special but your moving company could be disagree with you. You have to bear in mind that there are some stuff that require special equipment and attention. Your grand piano is a good example for that. It’s not possible two people just to lift it and move it to the van. That’s why you should mention about it while you’re looking for removal services London. Otherwise you’ll be unpleasantly surprised with some additional charges.

2. Distance

There are a couple of things that may cause rise in moving pricing. What are they?

- The van couldn’t be parked close to your home

You must give notice to movers London in advance if your driveway is not wide enough or if a truck can’t be parked there by some reason. This will definitely have influence on the sum that you must pay in the end.

- A lot of stairs

Do you live in a high floor apartment? Then tell it to the moving crew. If you don’t warn them on time, you might easily feel ripped off because they’ll charge you extra. Prevent such situations by informing them where you live.

These two reasons are the most common mainsprings for rising in prices. Make sure that you consider them when you’re searching for a good moving company. Your movers probably would ask you about such non-standard situations but if they don’t do it, you have to give them notice.

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